Did you know that SST’s software gives you the option to connect another device to display your scoreboard information such as a projector or large screen TV(s)?  Using a projection scoreboard gives you the flexibility to showcase more information on your scoreboard rather than just meet results like the single line scoreboards.

Looking for new ways to showcase and thank your sponsors at your meet? You can create a PowerPoint show to scroll information during warm ups and meet breaks to thank your sponsors. You can even share pertinent meet information your spectators might not hear the announcer share over the crowd noise. It’s a completely customizable option to fit your meet needs!

There are multiple options to connect the swim console laptop to a projection scoreboard. The usual wired methods using a VGA or HDMI cable work well to connect to a projector or a large TV screen right on your pool deck. Simply plug a cable into your swim console laptop and connect to the device of your choice.

Here are some options that you can look into purchasing from your local vendors to work with the SST timing console:


There are many new projectors now with higher resolution and much brighter outputs available in both short throw (mount next to the wall above or below the screen area) and long throw lenses (to go over the pool). Most projector companies offer educational discounts that make this as inexpensive as $1,000 with higher projectors around $5,000. The exact projector to use depends a lot on your pool configuration and lighting.  Ask your local projector vendor if they can loan you a projector to try out what brightness and size your pool can support.


Another option is to use a large screen monitor TV that may be more cost efficient for you and much brighter for your pool needs. These days there are 80” TVs available for under $4,000. 60” TV’s are available for less than $1,000.  There are HDMI splitters or wireless connectivity that would allow you to run multiple monitors.

LED Video Wall:

A higher end option is an LED video wall that starts around $10,000 and up but that is similar to the price of installing a 10 single lane scoreboard and these are starting to show up in more and more pools. You do need to be careful about the resolution of the cheaper LED video walls, depending on the size it may have too low a resolution to properly display all the information.


Interested in learning more about how you can use this fun feature to enhance your swim meet experience? Contact us today!