Superior Swim Timing will only sell products that we build and allow you to buy commodity products without any additional markup.  Swim programs, be they high school, summer  league, club swim teams or colleges always have a tight budget and we want to give you the best value available. We are very flexible and can create cables and cable interfaces to match whatever you currently have.


SST Timing Console Package

Waterproof Timer Case



Atlantis Starter      949.00
       Spare Microphone        99.00
       Pole/Wall Mount with Quick Disconnect      199.00
       External Strobe      199.00
6 Lane Waterproof Lane Harness      600.00
8 Lane Waterproof Lane Harness      650.00
10 Lane Waterproof Lane Harness      700.00
Waterproof to banana plug adapter        20.00
Waterproof buttons        60.00
Button with banana plug connector        60.00
Waterproof start cable with ¼” plug (40 ft)        50.00
Start Cable with banana plug (40 ft)        50.00
Scoreboard Adapter (for use with older timers)      150.00
6 Lane speaker harness      300.00
8 Lane speaker harness      400.00
10 Lane speaker harness      500.00
Lane Speaker        80.00
CTS starter microphone        99.00
Daktronics starter microphone      125.00