SST Timer

The SST Timer along with the SST software is a very economical replacement to your current timing system. If you have an old CTS 5 or 6 system with battery problems you can upgrade to a modern accurate timer for the cost of repair.



  1. Compatible with Active/Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager, TeamUnify’s TouchPad and most other meet management programs.
  2. NO batteries or components to replace
  3. All time critical functions run on the microcontroller in the timer, computer clock and tasks do not affect timing.
  4. Timing software is INCLUDED
  5. Serial scoreboard software is INCLUDED.
  6. Projection scoreboard software is INCLUDED
  7. Mobile Scoreboard INCLUDED
  8. Use with your existing Colorado cable, pads and button (pickle/plunger).  Also compatible with Omega pads and buttons and Daktronics harness.