Deck Cable

NEW LOW PROFILE HARNESS–We have developed a new, cost effective deck cable that will connect to Superior  Swim Timing’s waterproof buttons or, using a low cost waterproof adapter,  connect to any device that uses banana plugs such as pads and existing buttons (see below).
With the SST waterproof solution, your cable and buttons will last significantly  longer then most other offerings.  With the typical existing harness, if you have one connector go bad you have to replace the entire harness.   And with our SST  software you can have full lane mapping, including bypassing single lanes.  So no matter what your pool configuration is, the software can adapt to the harness/lane assignments.  THE SST HARNESS IS ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH CTS CONSOLES.

*NEW* Daktronics Harness Timer


Superior Swim Timing announces our latest adapter that works with both Daktronics harnesses and SST/CTS harnesses. You no longer have to maintain the outdated Daktronics console and can upgrade to our powerful SST Timing software.

Waterproof adapter

If you wish to use our harness with existing pads or buttons with banana plugs, we can supply you with a low cost waterproof to banana plug adapter.  Now, when the banana plug or jack goes bad (and you know they will), you just replace the low cost adapter instead of replacing the entire cable harness.

Button / Pickle

SST offers a Button/Pickle with a waterproof connector to connect with the SST harness.  We also offer the same button with a banana plug if you would like to replace your existing banana plug style button.  All at a very competitive price.