Superior Swim Timing Software Features:

  1. Compatible with Active/Hytek’s Meet Manager versions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and TeamUnify’s TouchPad meet manager software.
  2. Automated lane disable – If one lane hits lap 2, any lanes with 0 hits are automatically disabled. The lanes can still be re-enabled manually. (Config option)
  3. Automated next race- When a race finishes, the software automatically moves to the next race.
  4. When a race finishes, the meet manager results file is automatically created.  The system can also be configured to print a heat summary to the default printer.
  5. Also, after every race, an HTML format results file is created and saved to the meet manager computer.  Easily read and printed.  No more worrying about losing times if the timing console is turned off.
  6. Automated RESET – The next race starts without having to reset the console.
  7. Screen resizes automatically for the number of lanes in use.
  8. Finish Order is displayed to easily check with the place judge results.
  9. Lanes flash RED on a pad touch
  10. Lane is light Gray when pad delay is active
  11. Lane is GREEN when pad is armed
  12. Button/Pickle is only Armed after delay on final lap.
  13. Lane is WHITE when finished
  14. Lane is YELLOW/CYAN to indicate a difference between a primary and backup time. This also enables the BTN button to use the backup time and it will automatically recheck the finish order.
  15. Serial Scoreboard software now included.  Requires a USB to Serial adapter available from SST.  Controls scoreboards 00-0f, 11-18.  We also support complete scoreboard mapping.
  16. 1080p Projector scoreboards available for 6, 8 and 10 lane pools.  Requires a laptop that can drive a second screen either VGA or HDMI.
  17. Pad and 1, 2 or 3 button timing or 2 or 3 button only timing.
  18. Near and far end pad/button(s) support.
  19. TEST MODE.  Don’t burn a race number any more.  Just go into the test mode and watch the deck hardware signals come into the console.
  20. If, for some reason during a meet you need to restart the console, we don’t start with race number 1 like the other guys.  We check to see the highest race number that was used and increment from there.


In Development:
– Wireless stopwatch for primary and/or backup times- Advertising options for projection displays