Superior Swim Timing System is not a “stripped down” timing system. It gives you full functionality including support of both serial and projection scoreboards.  SST interfaces with both Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager as well as TeamUnify’s TouchPad. Since we separated the user interface from the timing hardware, we can be very flexible and use the latest PC software technologies.

SST Features

  • SST supports multiple harnesses, lane mapping, serial scoreboard mapping and rotation.
  • The laptop based timing software is currently designed to run up to 10 lanes with a pad and 3 buttons/pickles. We also support near and far harness applications.
  • Projection Scoreboard software comes STANDARD. The software automatically sizes the display to the resolution of your projector and the number of lanes in use. The colors used can be customized as well so your team colors can be shown.


Computer Requirements

There are no special computer requirements to run SST. The SST Timing Software takes all the advantages of being written in Java and running on a modern PC platform. The software has been tested on Windows (Vista, 7 – 32 bit, 7 – 64 bit, 8 – 64 bit and 10), Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Lion on a MacBook Pro and Air and on Ubuntu linux. Most users typically use a Windows  64 bit laptop and we recommend a dual core processor or better (Meet Manager runs on this also).  It is highly recommended to run the timing software on a laptop as you will get a built-in UPS and be able to keep running on a power failure. The SST Timing cable is USB powered and the laptop battery is sufficient to run for extended periods without excessive drain.  Another nice option is touch screen, but it is not a necessity.


Superior Swim Timing will only sell products that we build and allow you to buy commodity products without any additional markup. Swim programs including high school, summer league, club swim teams or colleges have tight budgets and we want to give you the best value available.