We are excited to announce the release of SST Version 7

Here’s what is new and improved in this new update:

  • Event/Heat Changeable After a Race Starts—The event and/or heat may be changed up to the first touch when using pads. When using buttons, changes may be made any time until the first button push.


  • Enhanced Time Adjustments—A new configuration option allows adjusted times to be sent to the scoreboard and your meet management software, or to the scoreboard only.

  • “USE” Backup Time Button—SST now includes a button on each lane to use the backup time for display or as the official time depending on the time adjustments configuration.


  • Arm Delay Changeable During a Race—The pad delay may be changed any time during a race.


  • New Purple Lane Color To Highlight Missing Pad Times—Quickly identify lanes that have a backup time but do not have a pad time.


  • Earlier Backup Button Activation—Backup buttons are now activated after the initial pad delay instead of waiting until the final lap.


  • FINA Lane Numbering Support —The lane number may be changed to start with “0” per FINA requirements, or any number based on pool configuration.


  • Meet and Lane Statistics—View statistics for the entire session, individual lanes and session timeline.  


  • Serial Scoreboard Close Option — Serial scoreboard port may now be closed and re-opened without exiting SST.


  • Enhanced Pace Clock Projection Layout—Ads may now be displayed with the pace clock on the projection scoreboard. Create a slideshow of advertisements or messages using the Pace Clock projection layout.

  • Team Scores Support—Team scores may now be entered and then displayed on the serial scoreboard.

  • Configuration Options Available During the Race—The configuration window is now available during a race to allow changes to lane mapping, scoreboard layouts, etc.


  • New Default Location for the Race Results Files